About Europe and its Countries

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Europe is the continent consists of 50 countries and 6 limited recognition countries. The land here is greatly complex, the continent with full of a variety of landscapes. Europe is the sixth largest continent including several most advanced countries in the world. EuropeGeo publishes interesting posts about Europe and its countries. Here at EuropeGeo, Implemented easy-to-read English.

Europe Fast Facts:

  • Arctic Ocean (North)
  • Atlantic Ocean (West)
  • Mediterranean Sea (South)
  • Asia (East and Southeast)

It is bordered with Asian part of Russia and Coastal line expanded thousands of kilometers.

742,452,000 as of 2013, 3rd populous in the world (11% of the earth’s population). Russia, Germany, and Turkey are the top three populated Countries.

Population Density: 72.9/km2 (188/sq mi), second most densely populated continent behind Asia. Monaco is the densely populated country of Europe.

Covered about 10,180,000 km2, comprises 6.8% of Earth’s land area and 2% of the surface of Earth. Russia is the largest country and covers 36% of the continent.

225 languages, many are derived from Indo-European languages. English is the major language about 45% of Europeans speaks English.

The average temperature throughout the year is 16oC. The countries in the continent are located in highlands and cool weather throughout the year.

50 Countries and 6 limited to no international recognition. All countries in the continent have their own flag and Coat of Arms.

The Christianity is the largest religion comprising around 76% of total population. The Christianity has different lifestyle and culture in specific countries of the continent.

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