List of Official Languages of European Countries

Europe, A landmass consists of many countries with different languages and culture. Although English is a major language, Many different languages found in European countries. Almost every country has its own languages and English is widely spoken in Europe. Apart from English language, German, French, and Italian have a higher status compared to other languages… Continue reading List of Official Languages of European Countries

Largest Cities and Towns in Sweden

Sweden,  a developed country dotted with several cities and towns. The population of cities low comparing to the major cities in the world. The unique ancient and modern structures are well-known in the cities of Sweden. The list of 20 largest cities or towns in Sweden listed below and ranked by Metropolitan population. Facts: About… Continue reading Largest Cities and Towns in Sweden

Life Expectancy in Europe by Country

Europe’s Life Expectancy is highest compared to other continents. Inhabitants giving priority for health and food what they consuming daily and taking special care for health. The Secrets of Longevity is not only genetic. The role of prosperity, education and advanced medical treatments are also the factors to live longer. The countries in Europe have… Continue reading Life Expectancy in Europe by Country

List of Largest Cities in Europe by Population

There are several Cities with an extensive population, many populous cities are capital cities of the respective countries. The largest cities in Europe ranked according to the population within the city boundaries (City Proper). The largest cities in Europe, some are in the transcontinental country, however, cities are situated on the European side. All cities… Continue reading List of Largest Cities in Europe by Population

Fastest Trains in Europe

Europe has dozens of leading train manufacturer. The companies building advanced high-speed trains and also exports globally. The first high-speed rail lines built in 1980. Nowadays several European countries have high-speed train lines. European railway operators investing densely on upgrading railway lines. Rail tourism is popular in Europe which provides sleeping, dining, and train journey… Continue reading Fastest Trains in Europe

Most Populous Directional Divisions of Europe

There are 4 Directional divisions in Europe, they are Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, and Western Europe. Most of the Countries are small in Europe few are large by land. Eastern Europe is consists of 9 countries including transitional countries. Eastern Europe is most populous part of the continent with population of around 300… Continue reading Most Populous Directional Divisions of Europe

List of Geographical Regions of Europe

Continents are divided into regions commonly geographical and political. Europe’s landmasses are different and beautiful, every geographical region has its own history. Here, the main and famous Geographical region of Europe listed with Area, Countries in its belt and location of the region. Peninsulas 1. Balkan Peninsula Area: 666,700 km2 Countries comprise: Albania, Bosnia and… Continue reading List of Geographical Regions of Europe

Richest Regions in Europe

Europe is the smallest continent while consist of richest countries, there are many regions in every country in Europe. The list below comprises 20 regions ranked by GDP of the regions. Let’s Know About Countries in Europe divided by regions based on geographical, cultural or historical criteria. Le-De-France is an international centre for culture, cuisine,… Continue reading Richest Regions in Europe

20 Busiest Airports in Europe

Europe comprises many developed countries and they built hundreds of Airports to connect places for millions of passengers. The busiest Airports in Europe are ranked by total passengers traffic per year (data by National Aviation Authority Statistics – 2016). Know More There are hundreds of Airports in Europe, from all kinds of sizes, and thousands… Continue reading 20 Busiest Airports in Europe

20 Richest People in Europe

Europe is the continent with many richest countries and hundreds of billionaires. In Europe, the number of billionaires increased to 489 with their total cumulative net worth of $1.83 trillion. Below the list of 20 richest persons in Europe. 1. Amancio Ortega Amancio Ortega is a business magnate, the richest person in Europe and Spain… Continue reading 20 Richest People in Europe