Highest Mountains in Europe

Europe, the continent mostly comprises highlands and mountain ranges. The mountains are also popular for outdoor recreation such as hiking, climbing and skiing. Mt. Elbrus (5,642m) is the highest mountain in Europe and Russia. Some of the mountains spread between the two countries and in transcontinental countries.

PhotoRankHighest PointCountryHeight (m)
Elbrus1Mount ElbrusRussia5,642
mount-ararat4Mount AraratTurkey5,137
Janga Mountain5Janga MountainGeorgia, Russia5,051
Mount Kazbek6Mount KazbekGeorgia5,047
Mont Blanc7Mont BlancFrance4,808
Ushba Peak8UshbaGeorgia4,710
Monte Rosa9Monte RosaSwitzerland, Italy4,634
zugspitze14ZugspitzeAustria, Germany2,962
coma-pedrosa15Coma PedrosaAndorra2,942
mount-olympus17Mount OlympusGreece2,919
mount-korab19Mount KorabAlbania, Macedonia2,764
great-rudoka20Great RudokaKosovo2,658

Do you Know?

  • Europe’s some highest points are located between Asia and Europe.
  • The Alps and Caucasus mountain massifs consist of many highest mountains.
  • Mont Blanc, the Highest mountain in Western Europe while placed second by prominence.
  • Grossglockner (3,798 m) is the highest mountain in Austria.
  • Mount Bazarduzu, the highest mountain in Azerbaijan, located between Russia and Azerbaijan.
  • Skhara, Elbrus, and Dychtau are the top three highest mountains that located entirely in Caucasus mountains range.
  • Shkhara, the highest mountain in Georgia.
  • Mount Ararat, the highest point in Turkey and expanded 40 km in diameter.
  • “Janga” the heavily glaciated mountain in Greater Caucasus mountain range.
  • Mount Kazbek, is one of the volcanic mountains.
  • Ushba, the highest mountain in the Svaneti region and As being said by experts, is one of the hardest ascents.
  • Monte Rosa, the largest vertical mountain of Europe and it has many slopes.
  • “Dom”, the second highest mountain in Switzerland and the entire mountain located in Switzerland.
  • Europe comprises many mountain ranges.┬áThe Alps, one of the mountain range located in Southern Europe is the place for high raised mountains.
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