Largest Lakes in Europe

There are thousands of lakes in the European region located in particular places. Here, all largest lakes of Europe ranked by surface area. The lowlands and valleys are the birthplaces of many lakes which vary in size and depth.

PhotoRankLargest LakesCountryAverage area
Ladoga Lake1Lake LadogaRussia17,700
Lake Onega2OnegaRussia9,894
Lake Vanern3VanernSweden6,450
Saimaa Lake4SaimaaFinland4,377
Peipus Lake5PeipusEstonia, Russia3,555
Vattern Lake6VatternSweden1,893
Beloye Lake7BeloyeRussia1,290
Ijsselmeer Lake10IjsselmeerNetherlans1,100
Paijanne Lake11PaijanneFinland1,081
Inari Lake12Lake InariFinland1,040
Ilmen Lake14Lake IlmenRussia982
Sevan Lake15Lake SevanArmenia940
Segozero Lake16SegozeroRussia906
Pielinen Lake17PielinenFinland894
Oulujarvi Lake18OulujarviFinland887
Imandra Lake19ImandraRussia876
Markermeer Lake20MarkermeerNetherlands700

Facts to Know:

  • Ladoga, the largest lake in Europe and 14th largest in the World. (located in north-western part of Russia).
  • Many Europe’s largest lakes located inĀ  Finland and Russia.
  • Vanern, the largest lake in Sweden and the European Union.
  • Europe dotted by thousands of lakes and reservoirs.
  • Many Natural lakes formed 10,000 to 15,000 years ago.
  • The ice of northern Europe is the main source of water for many lakes.
  • Norway, Sweden, and Finland have numerous lakes which covered around 5% to 10% of the total surface area of particular countries.
  • Many natural lakes located in mountain ranges of central Europe.
  • Lakes found in valleys relatively larger and lakes at high altitude are small.
  • Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland while Paijanne lake the deepest.
  • Peipus is the largest lake in Estonia.
  • IJsselmeer, the largest lake in Netherlands and Western Europe.

Largest Lakes in the Regional division of Europe.

  1. Eastern Europe: Ladoga, Onega, Beloye, Vygozero, Topozero, Ilmen, Sevan, Segozero, Imandra
  2. Northern Europe: Vanern, Saimaa, Peipus, Vattern, Malaren, Paijanne, Inari, Pielinen, Oulujarvi
  3. Western Europe: IJsselmeer, Markermeer, Geneva, Constance, Neusiedi, Neuchatel
  4. Southern Europe: Scutari, Garda, Ohrid, Grea Prespa, Derdap, Alqueva, Maggiore, Mar Menor

Note: Reservoirs and smaller sub-basins are ignored from the list.

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