List of Coat of Arms of European Countries

Coat of arms is the distinctive heraldic bearings of Country. Most coats of the arms are traditionally unique. The Coat of arms is still can be found in some countries. In Europe, every country has its own coat of arm and each one has a significant history. Many countries in Europe retained their original and traditional coat of arms. The Coat of Arms of 50 countries and 6 limited recognition countries of Europe listed below.

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ArmsNo. #CountryAdopted Year
 Coat of arms of Albania1Albania1998
 Coat of arms of Andorra2Andorra1993
 Coat of arms of Armenia3ArmeniaApril 19, 1992
 Coat of arms of Austria4Austria1945
 Coat of arms of Azerbaijan5Azerbaijan17 November 1990
 Coat of arms of Belarus6BelarusJune 7, 1995
 Coat of arms of Belgium7Belgium17 March 1837
 Coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina8Bosnia and Herzegovina18 May 1998
 Coat of arms of Bulgaria9Bulgaria1997
 Coat of arms of Croatia10Croatia21 December 1990
 Coat of Arms of Cyprus11Cyprus1960
 Coat of arms of the Czech Republic12Czech Republic17 December 1992
 Coat of arms of Denmark13Denmark1190, Modified in 1819 and 1972
 Coat of arms of Estonia14Estonia19 June 1925
 Coat of arms of Finland15Finland1580, officially using since 1978
 Coat of arms of France16France1905
 Coat of arms of Georgia17Georgia1 October 2004
 Coat of arms of Germany18Germany20 January 1950
 Coat of arms of Greece19Greece1975
 Coat of arms of Hungary20Hungary3 July 1990
 Coat of arms of Iceland21Iceland1 July 1944
 Coat of arms of Ireland22IrelandRegistered in 1945, recorded in 1280
 Coat of arms of Italy23Italy5 May 1948
 Coat of arms of Kazakhstan24Kazakhstan4 June 1992
 Coat of arms of Latvia25LatviaJuly 15, 1921
 coat of arms of Liechtensteins26LiechtensteinIntroduced in 1957
 Coat of arms of Lithuania27Lithuania1366, official since 1991
 Coat of arms of Luxembourg28Luxembourg1235
 Coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia29Macedonia16 November 2009
 Coat of arms of Malta30Malta1988
Coat of arms of Moldova31Moldova13 July 1990
 Coat of arms of Monaco.32Monaco1881
 Coat of arms of Montenegro33Montenegro12 July 2004
 Coat of arms of the Netherlands34Netherlands1815, modified in 1907
 Coat of arms of Norway35Norway1280
 Coat of arms of Poland36Poland1295, last modified in 1990
 Coat of arms of Portugal37Portugal30 June 1911
 Coat of arms of Romania38Romania11 July 2016
 Coat of Arms of the Russia39Russia30 November 1993
 Coat of arms of San Marino40San Marino14th century
 Coat of arms of Serbia41SerbiaIntroduced in 1882, Adopted in 2004, Redesigned in 2010
 Coat of arms of Slovakia42Slovakia1 March 1990
 Coat of arms of Slovenia43Slovenia1991
 Coat of arms of Spain44Spain5 October 1981
Coat of arms of Sweden45SwedenNovember 17, 1905
 Coat of arms of Switzerland46Switzerland15th century
 Coat of arms of Turkey47Turkey17 April 1882
 Coat of Arms of Ukraine48Ukraine19 February 1992
 Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom49United Kingdom1837
 Coat of arms of the Vatican City50Vatican City7 June 1929

Countries with limited recognition

ArmsNo#CountriesAdopted Year
 Coat of arms of Abkhazia1Abkhazia1992
 Coat of arms of Kosovo2Kosova17 February 2008
 Coat of arms of Nagorno-Karabakh3Nagorno-Karabakh
 Coat of arms of the Northern Cyprus4Northern Cyprus15 November 1983
 Coat of arms of South Ossetia5South Ossetia
 Coat of arms of Transnistria6Transnistria1991

Fast Facts

  • Every country in Europe has its own style of Coat of Arms. States, territories, counties and dependencies have a separate coat of arms.
  • Coat of Arms consists of shield, supporters, crest, and motto.
  • In short, The coat of arms is the sign of full heraldic achievement.
  • Coats of arms came into use in the 12th century and ancient Roman’s used similar shields (arms).
  • Usually, a coat of arms designed based on military services.
  • Conventional elements of coats of arms usually include Motto, Dexter, Sinister, Crest, Supporters, Field, Helmet (crown, Coronet).
  • Thousands of Coats of Arms relating to the countries, states, counties found in the world.
  • The design of the coat of arms redesigned many times by almost every country.
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