List of Countries in Europe Continent

Europe consists of 50 countries including transcontinental countries and 6 countries with limited recognition. Some countries located between Europe and Asia, known as Eurasia. Most of the countries are small in Europe because the Europe continent is small compared to other continents on earth. Many smallest countries in the world including Vatican City, Monaco, San Marin and Liechtenstein are located in Europe. Most of the countries are developed economically and technologically, exporting quality products around the world.

Location: Northern and Eastern Hemisphere.

FlagNo. #CountryArea (Km2)
Flag of Albania1Albania28,748
Flag of Andorra2Andorra468
Flag of Armania3Armenia29,743
Flag of Austria4Austria83,858
Flag of Azerbaijan5Azerbaijan86,600
Flag of Belarus6Belarus207,600
Flag of Belgium7Belgium30,510
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina8Bosnia and Herzegovina51,129
Flag of Bulgaria9Bulgaria110,910
Flag of Croatia10Croatia56,594
Flag of Cyprus11Cyprus9,251
Flag of Czech Republic12Czech Republic78,866
Flag of Denmark13Denmark44,493
Flag of Estonia14Estonia45,339
Flag of Finland15Finland338,145
Flag of France16France551,695
Flag of Georgia17Georgia69,700
Flag of Germany18Germany357,168
Flag of Greece19Greece131,940
Flag of Hungary20Hungary93,030
Flag of Iceland21Iceland102,775
Flag of Ireland22Ireland70,273
Flag of Italy23Italy301,318
Flag of Kazakhstan24Kazakhstan180,000
Flag of Latvia25Latvia64,589
Flag of Liechtenstein26Liechtenstein160
Flag of Lithuania27Lithuania65,300
Flag of Luxembourg28Luxembourg2,586
Flag of Macedonia29Macedonia25,713
Flag of Malta30Malta316
Flag of Moldova31Moldova33,846
Flag of Monaco32Monaco1.95
Flag of Montenegro33Montenegro13,812
Flag of Netherlands34Netherlands41,198
Flag of Norway35Norway385,171
Flag of Poland36Poland312,685
Flag of Portugal37Portugal91,568
Flag of Romania38Romania238,392
Flag of Russia39Russia3,836,652
Flag of San Marino40San Marino61
Flag of Serbia41Serbia88,361
Flag of Slovakia42Slovakia49,036
Flag of Slovenia43Slovenia20,273
Flag of Spain44Spain505,992
Flag of Sweden45Sweden449,964
Flag of Switzerland46Switzerland41,290
Flag of Turkey47Turkey23,507
Flag of Ukraine48Ukraine603,628
Flag of United Kingdom49United Kingdom244,820
Flag of Vatican City50Vatican City0.44

Countries with limited recognition

FlagNo#StatesArea (Km2)
Flag of Abkhazia1Abkhazia8,660
Flag of Kosova2Kosova10,887
Flag of Nagorno-Karabakh3Nagorno-Karabakh11,458
Flag of Northern Cyprus4Northern Cyprus3,355
Flag of South Ossetia5South Ossetia3,900
Flag of Transnistria6Transnistria3,500

Facts to Know

  • Europe covers 10.18 million km2 of land and a population of over 742 million as per estimate in 2013.
  • Russia located in both Asia and Europe Continent. It covered a total of 17,098,242 km2 area. only 3,836,652 of the area is part of Europe while 13,26,1590 km2 part of Asia.
  • Kazakhstan, the total area of the country is 2,724,902 km2, only 180,000 km2 located in Europe continent and the rest of the land part of Asia.
  • Turkey’s most part located in Asia (760,055 km2), only 23,507 km2 part of Europe.
  • The limited to no international recognition countries, None of them are members of the UN.
  • In the Europe continent, many countries are economically and technically forward compare to other continents.
  • Around 76% of Europeans are Christians which makes it the largest Christianity religion.
  • Germany is the Richest Country in Europe by GDP (nominal) with $3.87 trillion.
  • Monaco is the richest country in Europe by (GDP-PPP) with $187,650 per Capita.
  • The economy of Europe is presently largest in the world with assets under management over $32 trillion.
  • The continent bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.
  • Russia is the largest by Area and Populous Country while Vatican City is the smallest in terms of population and area.
  • Countries in Europe also called European Countries popularly.
  • Football is the most popular sports in Europe.
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