List of Geographical Regions of Europe

Continents are divided into regions commonly geographical and political. Europe’s landmasses are different and beautiful, every geographical region has its own history. Here, the main and famous Geographical region of Europe listed with Area, Countries in its belt and location of the region.


1. Balkan Peninsula

Area: 666,700 km2
Countries comprise: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania (some parts), Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey
Location: Eastern-Southeastern Europe

2. Iberian Peninsula

Iberian Peninsula
Area: 582,000 km2
Countries comprise: Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, and Andorra
Location: Southwest Europe

3. Italian Peninsula or Apennine

Italian Peninsula
Area: 131,337 km2
Countries comprise: Italy, San Marino, Vatican City
Location: Southern Europe

4. Scandinavian Peninsula

Scandinavian Peninsula
Area: 928,057 km2
Countries comprise: Norway, Sweden, and part of Finland
Location: North of Europe

5. Fennoscandian Peninsula

Fennoscandian Peninsula
Countries comprise: Norway, Sweden, Finland and part of Russia
Location: Northern Europe


1. Baltic states

Area: 175,015 km2
Countries comprise: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Location: Northern Europe

2. Benelux Union

Area: 76,657 km2
Countries comprise: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
Location: Western Europe

3. British Isles

Area: 315,159 km2
Countries comprise: The United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland
Location: North-Western Europe

4. Caucasus Region

Countries comprise: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, North Caucasus
Location: border of Europe and Asia, situated between the Black and the Caspian seas

5. Channel Islands

Channel Islands
Area: 198 km2
Countries comprise: Guernsey, Jersey
Location: Western Europe

6. Nordic countries

Nordic countries
Area: 3,425,804 km2
Countries comprise: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, including associated territories (Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and the Aland Islands)
Location: Northern Europe

7. Alpine countries

Alpine countries
Length: 1,200 km
Countries comprise: Austria, Switzerland (Swiss Alps), Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Germany (Bavaria), France, Italy.
Location: Entirely in Europe

8. Danubian countries

Danubian countries
Length: 2,860 km2
Countries comprise: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine
Location: Along the River Danube

9. Southeastern Europe

Southeastern Europe
Area: km2
Countries comprise: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia.
Location: South-Eastern

10. Mediterranean countries

Mediterranean countries
Countries comprise: Portugal, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta and the British territory of Gibraltar
Location: Mediterranean Basin

Do You Know?

  • Mount Elbrus, Highest mountain in Europe is located in Caucasus Mountain
  • Benelux also called as low countries as it is in the coastal region.
  • The British Isles are the group of islands, consist of over six thousand islands.
  • The Baltic States, the term “Baltic” stems from the name of the Baltic Sea.
  • There are 8 inhabited islands in Channel Islands
  • The Alps, is the highest and most extensive mountain range system.
  • Nordic countries, the region has a population of around 26 million people.
  • Danubian countries, all countries in this region located where the Danube river passing through.
  • Mediterranean countries are in the Mediterranean Sea basin.
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