List of Member States of the European Union (EU)

The European Union holds 28 member countries. The EU established for free movement of people, goods, services, and capital. It is easy to travel within a member state in the European Union as every state following the same rule by the EU. All Member states have a high Human Development Index (HDI), even most of the European countries have a fair HDI. London and Paris are the largest cities in the European Union. Over 50% of the population can speak English fluently, German, French and Italian are also popular in the EU. The EU makes it easier for member states people to buy and sell things to each other.

Motto: “United in diversity”.

FlagNo. #CountryAccession
 Flag of Austria1Austria1995
 Flag of Belgium2BelgiumFounder
 Flag of Bulgaria3Bulgaria2007
 Flag of Croatia4Croatia2013
 Flag of Cyprus5Cyprus2004
 Flag of Czech Republic6Czech Republic2004
 Flag of Denmark7Denmark1973
 Flag of Estonia8Estonia2004
 Flag of Finland9Finland1995
 Flag of France10FranceFounder
 Flag of Germany11GermanyFounder
 Flag of Greece12Greece1981
 Flag of Hungary13Hungary2004
 Flag of Ireland14Ireland1973
 Flag of Italy15ItalyFounder
 Flag of Latvia16Latvia2004
 Flag of Lithuania17Lithuania2004
 Flag of Luxembourg18LuxembourgFounder
 Flag of Malta19Malta2004
 Flag of Netherlands20NetherlandsFounder
 Flag of Poland21Poland2004
 Flag of Portugal22Portugal1986
 Flag of Romania23Romania2007
 Flag of Slovakia24Slovakia2004
 Flag of Slovenia25Slovenia2004
 Flag of Spain26Spain1986
 Flag of Sweden27Sweden1995
 Flag of United Kingdom28United Kingdom1973

Interesting Facts:

  • The European Union founded by six countries namely Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.
  • 19 member states in the EU use the Euro as their currency.
  • The population of the EU is 510,056,011 (2016 estimate) covering 7.3% of the world population.
  • The European Union formed on November 1, 1993, with headquarter located in Brussels, Belgium.
  • The EU is a combined union of TEEC (1958), and TEU.
  • The 19 member states cover 4,423,147 sq km with 65,993 km long coastline.
  • The EU considered a superpower on political and Economy entity.
  • The United Kingdom has not yet initiated the formal withdrawal procedure. The UK voted to leave the EU on June 23, 2016. It will have two years to negotiate its withdrawal.
  • London is the largest urban area with 13.8 million population.
  • The EU has 24 official and operating languages.
  • Christianity is the largest religion, accounting about 72% of the EU Population.
  • Football is the most popular sport in EU Countries. Rugby, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Cricket, Handball, Volleyball and Water Polo also famous in some member countries.
  • In Short, It has the second largest GDP in the world with $19.2 trillion after China (20.8 trillion).
  • The European Unions Internet TLD is .eu and is the official website.
Flag of European Union
Flag of the European Union (EU)
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