List of Most Populous Countries in Europe

Europe is the third-most populous continent on the planet. The 50 countries in the list, ranked by the total population and a population density of countries.

FlagCountryPopulationPopulation density
(per sq km)
 Flag of RussiaRussia110,000,0008.3
 Flag of GermanyGermany80,716,000233.2
 Flag of TurkeyTurkey77,695,904101
 Flag of FranceFrance66,104,000115.5
 Flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom65,110,000244.2
 Flag of ItalyItaly60,655,464197.7
 Flag of SpainSpain47,059,53393.2
 Flag of UkraineUkraine45,360,00075.1
 Flag of PolandPoland38,625,478123.5
 Flag of RomaniaRomania21,698,18191
 Flag of NetherlandsNetherlands16,902,103393
 Flag of KazakhstanKazakhstan15,217,7115.6
 Flag of GreeceGreece11,123,03480.7
 Flag of BelgiumBelgium11,007,000360.6
 Flag of PortugalPortugal10,409,995110.1
 Flag of Czech RepublicCzech Republic10,256,760130.1
 Flag of HungaryHungary10,075,034108.3
 Flag of BelarusBelarus9,458,00045.6
 Flag of AzerbaijanAzerbaijan9,165,000105.8
 Flag of SwedenSweden9,090,11319.7
 Flag of AustriaAustria8,169,92997.4
 Flag of BulgariaBulgaria7,621,33768.7
 Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland7,507,000176.8
 Flag of SerbiaSerbia7,120,66691.9
 Flag of DenmarkDenmark5,564,219129
 Flag of SlovakiaSlovakia5,422,366111
 Flag of FinlandFinland5,157,53715.3
 Flag of NorwayNorway5,018,83615.5
 Flag of GeorgiaGeorgia4,661,47364
 Flag of CroatiaCroatia4,437,46077.7
 Flag of MoldovaMoldova4,434,547131
 Flag of IrelandRepublic of Ireland4,234,92560.3
 Flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina3,843,12675.2
 Flag of ArmeniaArmenia3,229,900101
 Flag of LithuaniaLithuania2,988,40045.8
 Flag of AlbaniaAlbania2,831,74198.5
 Flag of LatviaLatvia2,067,90034.2
 Flag of MacedoniaRepublic of Macedonia2,054,80081.1
 Flag of SlovakiaSlovenia2,050,189101
 Flag of EstoniaEstonia1,340,19429
 Flag of Northern CyprusCyprus788,45785
 Flag of MontenegroMontenegro616,25844.6
 Flag of LuxembourgLuxembourg448,569173.5
 Flag of MaltaMalta397,4991257.9
 Flag of IcelandIceland307,2612.7
 Flag of AndorraAndorra68,403146.2
 Flag of LiechtensteinLiechtenstein32,842205.3
 Flag of MonacoMonaco31,98716403.6
 Flag of San MarinoSan Marino27,730454.6
 Flag of Vatican CityVatican City9002045.5

Interesting facts

  • As of 2013 estimation, Europe Continent has a population of over 742 million.
  • Europe, the second densely populated continent after Asia.
  • Europe, the third-most populous continent after Asia and Africa. The continent holds about 11% of the total world population.
  • In 1916, about 330 million inhabitants in Europe.
  • Germany is the most populous country and situated entirely in Europe continent.
  • Russia is the most populous transcontinental country comprising 15% of Europe population while Vatican City is the least populous Country with only 900 inhabitants.
  • Between the year 1700 to 1900, Europe’s population increased from 100 million to 400 million.
  • Monaco is the densely populated country with a density of 16,403 people per square kilometres while Iceland with the least density of 2.7 people per sq km.
  • Christianity is the largest religion comprising over 76% of the total population of Europe.
  • Over 70 million Europeans died by the war between 1914 and 1945.
  • Cyprus and Ireland have strong annual population growth, 1.49 and 1.20% respectively.
  • The population of the European Union (EU) is about 508 million as of 2015.
  • Hardly, 23% of the total population in Asian part of Russia while rest of population in Europe Russia.
  • over 240 million people reside in the transcontinental countries.
  • English, the widely spoken language of Europe, about 49% of the total population.
Latest population data and estimate by census departments of specific countries.
Dependent territories and not fully recognized states not listed.
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