Richest Countries in Europe

Lake Onega, see in Google Map

Europe is the third richest continent by GDP after Asia and North America. Europe’s total GDP exceeds US$21 trillion. Germany, the richest country in Europe by GDP (Nominal and PPP), ranked 4th in nominal GDP and 5th in PPP in the world. The richest countries of Europe ranked by GDP (Nominal, PPP, and PPP (per Capita)). List of… Continue reading Richest Countries in Europe

Largest Lakes in Europe

Lake Ladoga, See in Google Map

There are thousands of lakes in the European region located in particular places. Here, all largest lakes of Europe ranked by surface area. The lowlands and valleys are the birthplaces of many lakes which vary in size and depth. Facts to Know: Ladoga, the largest lake in Europe and 14th largest in the World. (located… Continue reading Largest Lakes in Europe

Highest Mountains in Europe

Mount Olympus, Photo by Елена Пејчинова

Europe, the continent mostly comprises highlands and mountain ranges. The mountains are also popular for outdoor recreation such as hiking, climbing and skiing. Mt. Elbrus (5,642m) is the highest mountain in Europe and Russia. Some of the mountains spread between the two countries and in transcontinental countries.

List of Largest Countries in Europe by Area

Europe comprises of many small countries including transcontinental countries. The list of 50 Countries of Europe by geographical area of particular countries. Russia is the largest country in Europe while the Vatican city smallest. Vatican City also the smallest country in the world. Most of the countries in Europe have a high Human Development Index… Continue reading List of Largest Countries in Europe by Area

List of Most Populous Countries in Europe

Europe is the third-most populous continent on the planet. The 50 countries in the list, ranked by the total population and a population density of countries. Interesting facts As of 2013 estimation, Europe Continent has a population of over 742 million. Europe, the second densely populated continent after Asia. Europe, the third-most populous continent after… Continue reading List of Most Populous Countries in Europe

List of Coat of Arms of European Countries

Coat of arms is the distinctive heraldic bearings of Country. Most coats of the arms are traditionally unique. The Coat of arms is still can be found in some countries. In Europe, every country has its own coat of arm and each one has a significant history. Many countries in Europe retained their original and traditional coat… Continue reading List of Coat of Arms of European Countries

List of Regions of Europe

In Europe,  many regions divided geographically and Politically, only prominent and famous regions are mentioned in the below list.  Map Regions Area(km2) Basin Countries Adriatic Coast 138,600 Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, San Marino, Slovenia Baltic States 175,015 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Atlantic Coast 830,000 France, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom Balkan Peninsula 666,700 Albania, Bulgaria,… Continue reading List of Regions of Europe

List of Member States of the European Union (EU)

The European Union holds 28 member countries. The EU established for free movement of people, goods, services, and capital. It is easy to travel within a member state in the European Union as every state following the same rule by the EU. All Member states have a high Human Development Index (HDI), even most of… Continue reading List of Member States of the European Union (EU)

List of Countries in Europe Continent

Europe consists of 50 countries including transcontinental countries and 6 countries with limited recognition. Some countries located between Europe and Asia, known as Eurasia. Most of the countries are small in Europe because the Europe continent is small compared to other continents on earth. Many smallest countries in the world including Vatican City, Monaco, San… Continue reading List of Countries in Europe Continent