Popular Train Routes for Travelers in Europe

Europe is the continent full of scenery and awesome ancient structures. The train routes are popular as the trains running between amazing scenery and beautiful cities, towns, and villages. There are many trains routes connecting cities, countries, every route is awesome and different.

RoutesTrainTravel timeDistance
Amsterdam-BerlinRegional train6 h 21 m655 km
Amsterdam-BrusselsHigh-speed train
Regional train
1 h 50 m
2 h 43 m
205 km
Barcelona-GijonHigh-speed train9 hours872 km
Berlin-PragueEuroCity train
Night train
4 h 40 m
5 h
349 km
London-ParisHigh-speed train3 h292 km
Madrid-BarcelonaHigh-speed train
Regional train
2 h 45 m
8 h 58 m
624 km
Madrid-GranadaHigh-speed train4 h 25 m419 km
Madrid-MalagaHigh-speed train2 h 30 m528 km
Munich-SalzburgHigh-speed train1 h 28 m144 km
Paris-AmsterdamHigh-speed train
Regional train
3 h 20 m
8 h 20 m
509 km
Paris-BarcelonaHigh-speed train6 h 15 m1037 km
Paris-GenevaHigh-speed train
Regional train
3 h 5 m
8h 35 m
540 km
Paris-RomeHigh-speed train
Night train + Regional train
11 h 15 m
20 h
1420 km
Prague-ViennaEuroCity train
Night train
4 h 25 m
6 h 26 m
291 km
Rome-FlorenceHigh-speed train
Regional train
1 h 30 m
3 h 20 m
273 km
Rome-MilanHigh-speed train
Regional train
2 h 55 m
9 h 10 m
573 km
Rome-VeniceHigh-speed train
Regional train
3h 7 m
8 h
525 km
Venice-MilanHigh-speed train
Regional train
2 h 25 m
5 h 5 m
268 km
Vienna-BudapestHigh-speed train
Regional train
2 h 50 m
4 h 15 m
242 km
Vienna-VeniceEurocity train
Night train
Regional train
7 h 35 m
10 h 35 m
9 h 15 m
583 km

Tips and Information

    • Paris to Rome train route is the longest route, runs through many cities and towns with attractive scenery.
    • The High-Speed train and Regional train are two popular train services, to experience longer choose Regional trains that mean more travel time.
    • The trains take you through Lake, rivers, plantations, mountains.
    • The regional trains stop in the train station in many cities and towns where tourists can step outside and enjoy the view of the urban area.

Train Route Switzerland

  • High-Speed trains are faster and save time, cost higher than regional trains.
  • Trains have facilities for travellers such as food and service.
  • Train Pass available on discount and many trains accept it.
  • All routes with awesome scenery and travellers should wisely choose the route to travel.
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