Richest Countries in Europe

Europe is the third richest continent by GDP after Asia and North America. Europe’s total GDP exceeds US$21 trillion. Germany, the richest country in Europe by GDP (Nominal and PPP), ranked 4th in nominal GDP and 5th in PPP in the world. The richest countries of Europe ranked by GDP (Nominal, PPP, and PPP (per Capita)).

List of Richest Countries by GDP (PPP per Capita)

FlagRankCountryGDP (2016)
Per Capita
 Flag of Ireland2Ireland$68,882

Richest Countries by GDP (Nominal)

FlagRankCountryGDP (Nominal)
In Billions US$
 Flag of Germany1Germany3,874
 Flag of United Kingdom2United Kingdom2,950
 Flag of France3France2,833
 Flag of Italy4Italy2,147
 Flag of Russia5Russia1,860
 Flag of Spain6Spain1,406
 Flag of Netherlands7Netherlands880
 Flag of Turkey8Turkey799
 Flag of Switzerland9Switzerland703
 Flag of Sweden10Sweden570

List of Richest Countries by GDP (PPP)

FlagRankCountryGDP (PPP)
In Billion US$
 Flag of Germany1Germany3,748
 Flag of Russia2Russia3,745
 Flag of France3France2,591
 Flag of United Kingdom4United Kingdom2,569
 Flag of Italy5Italy2,135
 Flag of Spain6Spain1,572
 Flag of Turkey7Turkey1,514
 Flag of Poland8Poland959
 Flag of Netherlands9Netherlands808
 Flag of Belgium10Belgium483

According to the Central Intelligence Agency, Liechtenstein and Monaco are the richest by:

  • GDP (nominal) per capita of Liechtenstein: $143,151
  • GDP (nominal) per capita of Monaco: $168,000

both are microstates, have very small land area.

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  • Luxembourg, the richest country by per capita income while Moldova the least.
  • Many top-ranked countries by wealth are located in the European Union.
  • Five countries of Europe ranked in top ten of world’s largest national economies in GDP (PPP).
  • Europe has many economically developed countries than countries in other continents.
  • Monaco is the sovereign city-state and micro city-state (2.02 km2). Monaco has the highest GDP per capita ($168,000) in Europe.
  • In 48 European countries, most of them are developed economically.
  • Europe is the largest exporter of different services and products, especially automotive.
  • Most of the European Countries GDP per capita is higher than the world’s average.
  • Six countries namely Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Spain all are listed in the world’s top 15 by GDP.
  • Many of the top-ranked and notable companies headquartered in Europe.
  • People’s lifestyle and income of the people in Western Europe.
Information by the World Bank.
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