Most Scenic Train Routes in Europe

Europe, a beautiful continent filled with awesome landscapes, high mountain ranges, lakes. All railway routes mentioned here in the list are most scenic as every route have different attractions and landscapes. below list with 15 most scenic trains route in Europe.

Kristinehamn to Gallivare

Distance: 1,300 km
Country: Sweden
Highlights: Gallivare, Jokkmokk, Arjeplog, Arvidsjaur, Sorsele, Storuman, Vilhelmina, Dorotea, Stromsund, Ostersund, Berg, Harjedalen, Harjedalen, Orsa, Mora, Vansbro, Kristinehamn, Gulf of Bothnia, Ornskoldsvik (town), many tiny Lakes.

the route is called Inland line railway, built in 1908 and 1937, runs through the central parts of northern Sweden.

Lucerne to Montreux

Distance: 226 km
Country: Switzerland
Highlights: high-alpine mountains, chalet-filled villages, vineyards, lakes, historically important cities.

Most attractions are confined to the country Switzerland, everywhere attractions and awesome scenery. The train route serves through villages, mountains, lakes, and cities with historical background.

St. Moritz to Zermatt

Distance: 330 km (7 hours)
Country: Switzerland
Highlights: It passes 291 bridges, Oberalp Pass, 91 tunnels.

The route runs through the panoramic Alpine heartland of Switzerland and eastern to western Swiss Alps. This trip takes roughly about 7 hours, and the route from St, Moritz to Zermatt is opened for tourists in summer and winter but reservation fees higher in summer compared to winter.

Myrdal to Flam

Distance: 20 km
Country: Norway
Highlights: The Nali Tunnel, Tremendous fjord views, Kjosfossen waterfall, Scenic stops, picturesque nature.

It is called Flam line a 20 km long railway line, it connects to mainline with Sognefjord and runs through the Flamsdalen valley. This railway line construction started in 1924 and opened to the public in 1940. This route has become the 3rd most visited tourist attraction in Norway.

Domodossola to Locarno

Distance: 52 km (2 hours)
Country: Switzerland and Italy
Highlights: Stone cottages, waterfalls, hardwood forests, idyllic vineyards

The Domodossola–Locarno railway is a meter gauge railway connecting from Domodossola to Locarno. Interestingly, it carries over a million passengers annually. This rail route opened in 1923, has 22 stations and runs through many small towns

Offenburg to Konstanz

Distance: 159 km (2 hours 30 minutes)
Country: Germany
Highlights: Green forest, Titisee and Schluchsee lakes, Hell Valley, Farms and Villages, Stretches, Scenery of the Black Forest.

About two and a half hours tourists could find plenty of places to see including lakes, valley, and forest. Donaueschingen is the birthplace of river Danube, take a pit stop and visit there. There are many tunnels on this route which shortly interrupt the view.

Koblenz to Mainz

Distance: 100 km
Country: Germany
Highlights: Katz and Maus castle, Island, River, Marksburg castle, Stahleck, Fortress of Ehrenbreitstein, Bacharach city, St. Goar.

This is a popular tourist railway route in Germany, connects Germany’s Rhine villages. The journey is an incredible experience in the train from Koblenz to Mainz railway route. The attractions including vineyards on the hillsides, Rivers, and medieval castles found during the journey. And the trains stop at all villages along the way.

Wiener Neustadt to Bruck an der Mur

Distance: 95 km (1 hour and 20 minutes)
Country: Austria
Highlights: 4,700 ft long vertex tunnel, 10 viaducts, over 100 curved stone bridges.

This railway route called famously Semmering line opened in 1854. At the time it was the highest railway line in the world, beautiful sceneries found over the journey. The bridges on the route are very beautiful while the structure of the bridge is enormously beautiful.

St. Moritz to Tirano

Distance: 64 km (1 hour 17 minutes)
Country: Switzerland, Italy
Highlights: Glaciers, Lakes, Peaks and Villages high above the Swiss Alps

This is one of the famous routes runs through St.Moritz (Switzerland) and Tirano (Italy) and going through some stunning bridges and a number of tunnels and panoramic view of lakes, peaks, and villages.

Bergen to Oslo

Distance: 464 km (7 hours)
Country: Norway
Highlights: Deep fjords, Snow-covered Mountaintops, Frozen lakes, Grassy Plains.

This line is called popularly Bergen railway line, one of the popular tourist route in Norway with most spectacular scenery along the way. In addition, trains offer several facilities and service, particularly for tourists.

Innsbruck to Bludenz

Distance: 138 km (1 hour and 40 minutes)
Country: Austria
Highlights: Trisanna Bridge (length of 211 m and height of 87 m), Castle Weisberg, Paznaun valley, Arlbergtunnel (6.4 miles).

Arlberg Railway (Innsbruck to Bludenz) is located in Austria, the route is one of the oldest and steepest railway lines, built in 1884. The line stretches from the Tyrolian town of Landeck, via Langen am Arlberg to Bludenz in Vorarlberg.  It has active traffic of passenger and goods.

Paris to Nice

Distance: 975 km (8 hours)
Country: France
Highlights: Villages, Beach Bodies, Blue Water, Vineyards.

Paris to Nice is the 6-hours journey, about 975 km, one of the longest railway lines in France. Many additional trains for tourists on Friday, Sunday and in the summer days.

Dombas to Andalsnes

Distance: 114 km (1 hour and 30 minutes)
Country: Norway
Highlights: 6 tunnels, 32 bridges, River Rauma, Trolls’ Path, Fjord views, Kylling Bridge, Trollveggen, Picturesque Mountains.

The route from Dombas to Andalsnes operated by Rauma Railway. It has 5 stations on the Rauma Railway line, they are Andalsnes-Bjorli-Lesjaverk-Lesja-Dombas. The trip takes average 1 hour and 40 minutes within the valley, on bridges, down of the mountains, Riverbank, and inside tunnels.

Levanto to La Spezia

Distance: 26 km ( Around an hour)
Country: Italy
Highlights: Villages, Vineyards, Seafood, The Ligurian Sea

The railway route is one of the shortest scenic train lines it stretched only 25 km in length about 50% of the line situated in the coastal of the Ligurian Sea. The trip serves the viewing experience of Villages, Vineyard, and the Ligurian Sea. Apart from the train view enjoy seafood, hiking villages, trails within beautiful places.

Amsterdam to Groningen

Distance: 200 km (2 hours 30 minutes)
Country: Netherlands
Highlights: Dutch landscape, Windmills, Dutch tulips full bloom (during April), Bridges.

During the journey from Amsterdam to Groningen, you will also be able to see landscapes, plenty of windmills, pass through beautiful bridges, between tiny towns and villages.

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